Chillsummer DJ-Menue

The PSYETHNICOLOURS-Team presents:

Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz “Summer DJ´s 2016”

DJ Sunlite (, Sun & Moon Production / teamworkmusic, germany ) and

Tim Lender (psyethnicolours / teamworkmusic, spain )

DJ-Booking: Book your Summer-DJ-Team or  Single DJ now for summer 2016


Psybient– / Chillout– / Ambient- / Lounge- / Downbeat- / Dub- / World- and Ethno-Music:

From Sunrise to Sunset! The Psyethnicolours-DJ-Team creates a fantastic and spectacular sound and music atmosphere with best of advanced Psybient-, Chill-, Ambient-,Dub-,  Lounge- Ethno- World- and Downbeat-Music at your location on the Costa del Sol or Costa de la Luz: Great for Beach, Terrace, Yacht, Chiringuito, Indoor or Outdoor and any other commercial or private event or happening at a sunny location. Here are our music-menues to choose from:

Menue I* / AMBIENT: Fluffy Ambient Beach & Chill Garden

Latest and classic stunning Ambient-, Downbeat- Dub, and Chill-Music for breakfast, brunch, beach and terrace during the day. Something special for a Friday/Saturday/Sunday or your event. Simply amazing and relaxing music and sounds!

Menue II* / LOUNGE: Open Vibes´ Lounge

A taste of commercial, smooth, groovy and sunny Lounge- and Chillout-Music for a nice and relaxing atmosphere. For Indoor or Outdoor places and purposes. Good Vibes!

Menue III* / Psybient-CHILL: Dwindling away in Sounds

Finest Psychedelic-Ambient and spherical Chill-Music for daytime and for a special and outstanding sundowner! Music for „Electronically advanced listeners“ and everyone who likes modern electronic music, sounds and beats.

NightTimeMenue: House meets Trance, House and Trance

Menue IV*/ House meets Trance (tba)

Menue V*/ Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance (tba)

Menue VI*/ Beach House meets Dream House (tba)

Bookings for Costa del Sol and Costa de la Luz in 2016.  Single DJ only or DJ-Team available.

For information, questions or bookings call: Spain +34 699 181 102 (English, Spanish, German spoken) or Germany +49 163 825 9703 (German spoken) Or email us:

Tim Lender and DJ Sunlite powered by Sun & Moon Production and  and